Solutions for Jobs of All Sizes

Metals Engineering offers a wide range of heat treatment capabilities designed to meet our customers’ specific needs.


Our car bottom furnaces feature:

Automated ramp and hold rates
Load sizes up to 60,000 pounds
Furnace sizes up to 102” wide, 96” high and 228” long
Capable of holding + or - 15 degrees Fahrenheit temperature uniformity

A batch furnace can be a car bottom, box, pit, or bell type, with or without a controlled atmosphere. By definition a batch furnace handles one work load at a time and may be integrated with material handling. Our batch furnaces can process parts in endothermic gas or inert gasses.

Automated carbon-controlled processes
Load sizes up to 10,000 pounds
Furnace sizes up to 60” wide, 48” high and 60” long
Capable of holding + or - 5 degrees' Fahrenheit temperature uniformity



This method of hardening is accomplished by inducing electrical current to the material, which makes it more consistent than other methods of heating. Modern technology makes it possible to capture and record data for each item run through the system. We have multi spindle and single spindle units with capabilities of designing tooling to meet specific requirements for unique parts.

Vertical scanning units with polymer quench are capable of hardening rounds and sprockets
Capable of scanning up to 15.5`` round parts, with a scan length of 44``
Capable of induction hardening internal splines and diameters
Hardening up to .250 deep
Coil design for unique parts and applications
Quality Management Software for repeatable results